BerryJam Music is dedicated to educating, inspiring and nurturing young talent through practice and performance to create and collaborate in a musical community. We offer specialised one on one coaching for singing in various styles using Seth Riggs method – world renowned speech level singing technique studied by grammy award winning artists – Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross. We also offer specialised one on one tutoring for Guitar and Piano lessons.

Kids who enrol in BerryJam Music engage in opportunities through one on one lessons both online or face to face. We also offer group vocal lessons and songwriting workshops in the School Holidays which are tailored to the students musical and technical abilities.

Our vision is to ignite self expression and nurture creativity through music, whether it’s through singing, songwriting or playing a musical instrument it improves kids self esteem, confidence, literacy and numeracy skills, ability to communicate with others and enjoy working as a team.

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